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The Best Car Services in Cardiff

Although your car service in Cardiff isn’t a legal requirement like your MOT, it is still important to have your car serviced at least once a year to ensure that your car runs safely and smoothly. A car service has multiple benefits, and having it done at Lansdowne Road Garage means you can reap those benefits for less. We also offer collection and delivery or drop off with all of our services, as we are dedicated to going the extra mile. If it has been more than 12 months since your last car service in Cardiff, get yourself booked now so we can ensure your car is safe and efficient.

The Benefits of Having Your Car Serviced

You may think that you’re saving money by skipping your car service in Cardiff, but in reality, you could be signing yourself up for high repair costs several months down the line. A car service catches minor problems before they turn into larger issues, which means you don’t have to pay hundreds later on. It also makes your car more fuel efficient, saving you money at the petrol pump, as well as increasing the value of your vehicle. Did you know your car is worth up to 20% more with a full-service history? If you think you might want to sell your car on in a few years, getting a car service today can actually make you money in the long run.

What Is Included in My Car Service in Cardiff?

Your car service includes essential checks that are needed to ensure your car is safe. We’ll check, top up and change all your oils and fluids as needed, as well as inspect your brakes and tyres for wear. We’ll check your windshield and your lights, the condition of your numberplate and seatbelts, as well as replace the oil and air filters. If you book a major service, which we recommend every 24 months, we’ll also check the operation of your doors and bonnet, and look at both the air con systems and the pollen filter.

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Heavily Discounted MOTs With All Services

We believe that getting your MOT and service at the same time is beneficial, which is why we offer incredible discounts when you book both together. With a major service, your MOT will only cost you £5, £10 with a full service, and £20 with an interim service. This means with a major service you save a whopping 90% on your MOT, and we are confident you won’t get a better deal anywhere else in Cardiff. Use our booking tool to secure your space today!

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Booking your car service in Cardiff has never been easier. Book online today by entering your reg plate and selecting the service you require. Interim services are recommended for cars that drive a large number of miles per year, and full and major services are recommended for all drivers, yearly and bi-yearly respectively. Once you’ve chosen your date and time, you can relax until the day of your service – you never have to pay until the day!

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