Clutch Replacement in Cardiff

Clutch Supply and Fitting For As Little As £350

Nobody wants to hear those words that your clutch needs replacing. Unfortunately, it is something many drivers will experience – and we all know it doesn’t come cheap. At Lansdowne Road Garage, we try to make the process not only straightforward but also affordable – we can supply and replace your clutch for prices starting as little as £350. We won’t skimp on quality, so you’ll get your car feeling as good as new for less.

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What Your Clutch Does

Your clutch is important. It allows you to speed up or slow down by disconnecting the engine from the wheels, without switching it off – as well as working with your transmission to get it moving. It is vital to all kinds of driving, whether you’re just popping down the road or driving on the motorway. Without it, you wouldn’t get far at all, and if it fails you whilst driving, the consequences could be deadly.

Why Your Clutch Replacement is Important

As mentioned, you aren’t able to drive without full use of your clutch. Not being able to slow down could mean you find yourself in an accident. Also, the longer you put off a clutch replacement, the more damage you are doing to your car – a broken clutch can cause further damage to other aspects of your vehicle, which may mean you end up forking out much more to repair your car than you need to. If you think you need a clutch replacement in Cardiff, visit us now.

How To Tell You Need A Clutch Replacement In Cardiff

There are several signs that you may need a clutch replacement in Cardiff. If you find yourself struggling to change the gear of your car, or you can hear horrible noises that sound like squealing, squeaking or grinding, it is worth having one of our mechanics take a look at it. You may also notice a burning smell, or that your car has a higher ‘biting point’ than usual – any of these symptoms should be looked at to avoid further damage to your car, or worse, an accident.

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